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56: Sharon Kanis: A Profile in Interconnectedness of Communion

Sharon is a truth teller and willing to question her own assumptions with enduring humility. She has traveled the world to pay witness and be of service. An educator through her decades of service, she brings people and their shared experiences together in community. Sharon has rooted her service in the interconnectedness of the web of life and is unwavering from the oneness of the universe.

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55: Noah Winnick and Josue Barnes: A Profile in Fearless Community Activism

The synergy between these lifelong friends is animating to witness. Somehow they are able to make the daunting and often draining work of social justice joyful and approachable. They authentically show up for their hometown and I am so proud to be in arms with them as I do my part in shaping the city where I have rooted my family.

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Each episode we interview a badass social change leader and learn the ins and outs of what they’re doing to make the world a better place. This podcast will help you feel optimistic that we can make a difference and give you practical tips about how to go about doing so in a big way.

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Becky Margiotta

Becky Margiotta

Becky inspires and supports leaders in the social sector to step all the way into what they’re here to do on this planet. And it’s always bigger than they thought. In 2015, she created the Skid Row School to train foundation and nonprofit executives how to effectively design and run large-scale change initiatives. Prior to that, she created and led the 100,000 Homes Campaign that mobilized 186 cities to house 105,000 people off their streets in just four years. Becky is a graduate of West Point, the New School, and the Leadership and Transformation Program at the Foundation for Conscious Living. 

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