The importance of human connections tends to get over looked, but the reality is that without community, we have nothing. Although, the solution to finding collective unison amongst diverse people throughout the United States and even globally is much more complex. 

Today’s guest, Andrew Hanauer, is the Director of the One America Movement and shares the motivation behind combating toxic polarization. We’re all prone to be entrenched in our own predispositions, but Andrew shares more insight on the neuroscience behind polarization and how to combat it. To learn more about what you can do to make an impact tune into this episode of Unleashing Social Change with your host, Becky Margiotta.

Show Highlights: 

  • Understanding that fighting toxic polarization isn’t exclusive to one side
  • How focusing on divisions diverts progress 
  • Working from a value system and staying open to conflicting values 
  • The issues that can arise from over engrossing yourself in your own perspective 
  • Not making our view of conflict the foundation of ourselves 
  • Being self-reflective and questioning your beliefs 
  • Breaking down meta-perceptions and correcting misconceptions 
  • How the One America Movement works across the country 
  • Training leaders to effectively navigate divisions 
  • Keeping people connected through religion and through pre-existing communities 
  • What makes having these conversations with family more difficult 
  • Having the ability to reduce threat levels and be more inclusive 
  • Why social media isn’t the same as taking action
  • Finding hope in bleak situations 
  • Releasing biases and showing support of others individuality  


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