After all of the tragedies that have occurred throughout the past decade due to gun violence, there have been multitudes of communities, activists, and media platforms dedicated to spreading awareness and working to end senseless gun violence. One of these organizations is Sandy Hook Promise. 

Today’s guest, Nicole Hockley, is one of the founders and managing director of Sandy Hook Promise. In this episode, Nicole shares a behind the scenes look at the mission of the organization, the curriculum that’s being implemented in schools to identify red flags, and tangible actions people can take to prevent gun violence. To learn more about Sandy Hook Promise, tune into this episode of Unleashing Social Change with your host, Becky Margiotta.  

Show Highlights: 

  • Becoming more aware of gun violence and taking action 
  • Different strategies practiced to fight gun violence 
  • Taking a different approach than other foundations 
  • Identifiable signs and signals that occur before someone commits mass violence 
  • The program and practices getting implemented into schools’ state wide 
  • The transition from working small to large scale 
  • Recognizing when things aren’t working and how to let those programs go  
  • Raising the bar for schools and requiring them to integrate new programs 
  • Having a freemium business model 
  • Finding a way to help yourself and others be comfortable in the unknown 
  • Using transparency to accurately display your mission 
  • Having a team that builds and challenges each other 
  • Why open conflict is necessary and productive 
  • The importance of self-care and taking time for your personal life 
  • Ways to stay hopeful and how you can make a difference 


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