Finding unique and effective ways to get students involved and excited about their education is more important than ever. Today Mari and Michelle, co-directors of the Deeper Learning Hub and the Deeper Learning Hub’s Share Your Learning campaign, discuss their tactics for spreading educational awareness and designing experiences for students to grow. Both are faculty members at the Graduate School of Education and are strategically working to improve the overall learning experience for teachers and students.

To hear more about their work and the amazing campaigns they’re organizing, tune into this episode of Unleashing Social Change with Becky Margiotta. 

Show Highlights: 

  • What the Deeper Learning Hub is 
  • What a student-led conference looks like and preparing students to take responsibility for their learning 
  • Examples of good exhibitions of learning 
  • Providing students with opportunities to share their learning with others 
  • Integrating projects into daily work to motivate students to learn content 
  • The differences between an exhibition of learning and a presentation of learning 
  • What the Share Your Learning campaign entails and creating a community  
  • Reaching rural schools and helping them utilize their resources 
  • How to effectively spread change and assigning roles 
  • Strategically working with others and finding joy in your roles 

Books Mentioned: 

Leaders of Their Own Learning