Racial, political, and generational division are not new concepts. We’ve been faced with the repercussions of division for as long as the human race has existed, but is it possible to bridge those divides? 

Today’s guest, Cheryl Graeve, works hand-in-hand with the National Institute for Civil Discourse to actively encourage others to participate in creating a more respectful and understanding space by initiating conversation. 

Cheryl talks about the platforms in which they use to connect individuals and the process of integrating listening and dialogue skills. Join Becky Margiotta in this interview to hear more about how we can all learn to peacefully celebrate each-others’ differences. 

Show Highlights: 

  • Creating a community of people with differences and spreading cultural awareness 
  • The need for reviving civility and respect on a large scale and how you go about tackling that issue 
  • Listening to issues and collectively taking action 
  • Mending racial and political divides with peaceful intervention 
  • The vitality of maintaining respect 
  • Evaluating situations without labeling right or wrong 
  • Leaning into curiosity without judgment 
  • The art of genuine listening and building our dialogue muscle 
  • Building bridges of understanding and recognizing fear 
  • Using safety as an opportunity to be present 
  • Creating relationships on a foundation of respect despite differences 
  • Establishing change in broken circumstances 
  • The blueprints for the institute reaching more people 
  • Recognizing causal connection outside of our tangible proximity 
  • The challenges with a lack of resources and time 
  • Having different platforms for people to practice intervention 
  • Dealing with generational and family division 
  • Creating a more joyful human experience 



Text Platform to practice group conversation: 

Text Civility to 89900 

Check out Mack McCarter’s speech here across racial divides:

Here’s a short StoryCorps piece for some conversations – 

Take the 7 Day Civility Challenge https://www.revivecivility.org/7-day-civility-challenge