Teachers have a profound influence over their students’ lives and through that the future of our society. Imagine how hard it is to nurture and develop each students’ unique strengths and potential in a classroom of twenty plus kids. No small task and a lot to ask of one teacher. 

Today’s guest, Anne Eidelman, is the CEO of Blue Engine. Blue Engine is an organization focused on building teams of teachers who create inclusive classrooms that cater to students’ potential. Anne has led Blue Engine through significant organizational change and shares candidly what she’s learned along the way.  To learn more about Blue Engine’s groundbreaking impact and Anne’s courageous leadership, tune into this episode of Unleashing Social Change with our host, Becky Margiotta.

Show Highlights: 

  • Teaming together teachers and embedding teacher apprentices
  • Incorporating ratios that support learning 
  • Structural changes that change classroom conditions and unlock potential 
  • Supporting people in creating a trusting space
  • What drew Anne to Blue Engine and how she got involved 
  • The importance of thanking your teachers 
  • Recognizing a need for change and how to implement that change.
  • Using daily differentiation data from students to understand their needs 
  • Navigating a new leadership position and taking an innovative approach 
  • Differentiating your approach talking to different funders 
  • The trajectory of Blue Engine for the next few years 
  • Effective spread and scale methods 
  • Creating a video playbook to share practices with others 
  • Embedding practices into training techniques before teachers get to a classroom 
  • Building confidence and getting feedback 


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