This week many as many families prepare to go back to school, we thought we’d shine a spotlight on some of the best teacher training work that’s going on in the US and why it matters for all of us that teachers are well prepared to support all their students. 

Today’s guest, Karen Ahn, is the Director of Partnerships for TeachingWorks. TeachingWorks partners with teacher training programs throughout the state of Michigan to make sure teachers learn 19 concrete behavior-based skills necessary to support all students in learning and growing. In this episode, we will talk candidly about race, whiteness, and colonization and TeachingWorks is doing to create more liberatory classrooms for everyone. 

To learn more about the work TeachingWorks is doing to instill equitable practices into classrooms join Becky Margiotta in this interview. 

Show Highlights: 

  • What constitutes liberatory practices versus reinforcing the status quo 
  • The importance of respecting students’ names and learning to listen to them 
  • How white culture has shaped our thinking and approach to education
  • Expressing concerns to teachers to create a better experience for students 
  • Taking steps to counteract harmful ideas and practices that show up in schools
  • The process of colonization at school and defying those societal standards
  • Making practice-based approaches the standardized training process 
  • The current state of development for implementing these practices 
  • Modeling a safe learning environment 
  • Bringing awareness to what challenges teachers face 
  • Putting pressure on the system in the right ways to protect your children 


Habits of Whiteness by Terrance MacMullan

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