Are there aspects of your job that break your heart and drain your soul? Veterinarian Kate Hurley remembers feeling that way. Nobody becomes a vet to euthanize animals, but that’s exactly what used to happen in shelters across the country. Dr. Kate Hurley, who co-founded the field of Shelter Medicine, is our guest and in this episode she will tell us about how she was willing to question all her assumptions about her own profession. Then she’ll also walk us play-by-play through the key moments of what became the Million Cat Challenge – a successful campaign to prevent the unnecessary euthanization of over one million cats in North America.  

Join us next week when we’ll de-brief this episode with Dan Heath and look at how she masterfully applied the principles from the book that he wrote with his brother, Chip, SWITCH

Show Highlights: 

  • How to discover new solutions to old problems 
  • The vulnerability that comes with acknowledging there’s room for progress 
  • Taking inspiration from other sectors and sources of wisdom 
  • How to tap into motivation to spark change 
  • The power of committing to a bold, quantifiable aim
  • Letting go of things you can’t control 
  • Working effectively within oppressive systems 

Update: In July, 2019, the Million Cat Challenge passed the 2,000,000 lives saved mark.


Switch by Dan Heath