Many foundations and nonprofits aspire to address racial and social equity issues but few are able to navigate this complex challenge gracefully. Sometimes it gets so fraught that organizations are tempted to put band-aid (not really) solutions in place or they get so scared that they pull back from genuinely engaging in the healing and transformation work that is required to do this well. We speak from experience and we know this work is really hard. 

Today’s guest, Angele Davenport, is an equity consultant based in Denver, who we met at the Skid Row School.  In this episode, Becky and Angele talk about a real life example that took place at a recent Skid Row School and Angeles shares her perspective on what wisdom can be learned even when it’s hard. 

Consider this episode some private consulting for you and your organization to help yourself and your community in approaching race and social justice from “your lane.”  

Show Highlights:

  • How do we change the world as anti-racists
  • How to address systems of oppression by tapping into     your own unique genius
  • Why “tolerance” is not a helpful concept
  • The upward spiral of growth over time
  • The essential need for empathy and patience
  • How to help others flourish by unpacking situations and helping them reflect
  • Why blame and criticism just keeps the cycle going
  • How self-care and self-awareness play a part in helping others
  • How to not have learning be at the expense of the people of color in the room    
  • Learning from past experiences using Becky’s own process with Angele about a particular incident that occurred at a Skid Row School
  • Making conscious choices to create a more equitable culture
  • The importance of being open to feedback
  • What gives Angele hope


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