What happened after the 100K Homes Campaign? Becky reunites with Jake who was on the Community Solutions team to talk about what came after. Instead of counting up, it was time for some cities to count down. Now the Co-Director of “Built for Zero,” Community Solutions has partnered with 11 cities who have reached functional zero on chronic and veteran homelessness. This episode is full of wisdom about getting to the next aim, identifying leverage points, re-evaluating teams, and the importance of data and the right infrastructure, and the idea of compound protagonists.

  • Becky and Jake reminisce about Jake’s path to joining the Community Solutions team while still in school and catch up on what has happened since
  • What it takes to get people to join the movement on the shared aim, even when you don’t know how you’re going to get there
  • Going smaller and more committed vs. going bigger to meet the next goal
  • As the work evolves, recognizing that the innovation changes and defining what that innovation is to get to the next goal
  • Defining the leverage point: Do we have a homelessness problem or an outflow or inflow problem?
  • How to shift how you will solve the problem by making sure you have adequately identified the problem in real time
  • Learning over time and creating goals in the right order
  • Effective data and infrastructure and improvement science to make sense of the problem you are trying to solve
  • The critical need to zoom all the way in and all the way out
  • Sutton and Rao’s “Scaling Up Excellence” principle of not having a team bigger than two pizzas could feed
  • Re-imaging during the evolution and innovation of what an effective team looks like
  • The balance of being consistent and flexible, “not always being graceful, but gracious”
  • The importance of distributing credit and recognition
  • The idea of not having one hero but “Compound Protagonists”
  • Belonging as a powerful leverage point

Links: https://www.joinbuiltforzero.org/