Shortly after meeting Bruce through the Climate Breakthrough Project, the Margiottas were convinced and began making changes to their home to go all electric. In this episode, Bruce and Becky talk about  the climate crisis, and that it is not just about what is happening outside, but what is happening inside our homes. And that in fact, one of the most dangerous places is the most sacred place for many of us, our kitchens. So we can avert climate catastrophe not just by waiting on the government but by making changes to our homes. It may be shocking to know that the levels of pollution inside our homes would actually be illegal outside!

This being true, the ability to change the infrastructures of our homes relies also on having the financial means to do so which illuminates that even climate change is a profound equity issue. Tune in to hear more about how you can make changes over time in your own home and advocate for those unable to afford to do so in this week’s episode.

Show Highlights:

  • The hope that Bruce has in the movement arising from youth around the globe
  • The history of some of the work of the Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Rather than feel paralyzed about the slow response of the government to avert climate crisis, what we can do also in our homes as we continue to advocate
  • How asthma and other respiratory issues continue to rise due to the level of pollution inside our homes
  • Navigating the incremental changes we can make to avert climate catastrophe
  • Advocating for the changes also among those without the financial means to do so