In this fascinating episode, DEI expert and Billions Institute Coach Susan X. Jane shares her insights with Becky about the pandemics given her background in media, culture and apocalyptic studies. 

Apocalypse is often misconstrued as “end times” but is really about “unveiling.” All apocalyptic movies invite us to question, “What kind of person would you be in that situation?” So in times like today, given our dual pandemic crisis, Susan asks us the same question: who are we, and who do we hope to be, and what do we want to change before the natural tendency to revert to the “way things were.” What things can we genuinely change during the pause and collective grieving?

All this and more will be explored as we listen in on Becky and Susan’s enlightening conversation. There may never have been a more opportune time to think as social leaders about what how we can re-imagine the world and then get started with taking the steps to make that happen.

Show Highlights:

  • How the dominant culture always asserts itself in the narratives we see in television and movies and all media we consume
  • Recognizing the liberatory counter-narratives revealing themselves as well
  • Key questions that arise in apocalyptic stories such as “How would we face an existential threat?” And “What is being currently revealed within us during the double pandemic of covid-19 and racism?”
  • What is the post-apocalyptic world we can envision during these times?
  • What are the questions we should be asking ourselves? Such as “Who is putting themselves at risk right now so I can be safely at home?”
  • Shifting out of the dichotomy of “you and me” how do we get to a more harmonious place of both/and, “you AND me”?


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