In this episode, listen in on an intimate conversation between Billions Institute Co-founders Becky Margiotta and Joe McCannon as they talk about the adventures along the way of their 11 year friendship. 

Joe will discuss his perspective on large-scale change and the power of inviting people to be part of something bigger than themselves. Becky and Joe will also talk about how non-profits can be more innovative and create environments that are exhilarating to work in.

Imagine what kind of world can we create together when we believe we can share power and bring solutions to everyone who can possibly benefit. In this episode, we’ll hear about what it takes to build a “fear free army” that can lead change.

Show Highlights:

  • The history of Becky and Joe’s friendship including the 100,000 Lives an 100,000 Homes campaigns that brought them together 
  • How to take what you do and make it work in a lot of different environments
  • Why an outsized experience can be addictive
  • How do shift your mindset from a bad question to a good question
  • What it really takes for large-scale change to happen
  • Why the size of a soccer team might be the optimal size for a work team, too
  • Creating a joyful and unambivalent work environment 
  • How to transcend the struggle for organizational survival and double-down on your purpose
  • The root of many of the world’s problems: fear, ignorance, greed and inequity
  • What it means to create a “movement of movements”
  • How to keep optimism alive in 2020


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