Recorded shortly after the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, Michelle Molitor, Founder of The Equity Lab, joins Becky for a vulnerable and raw conversation about the double whammy of racism and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Little did we know that soon after we recorded this interview, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd’s murders (and now Jacob Blake’s shooting) at the hands of police would spark one of the largest social movements in US history. Michelle reminds us that even through our grief – if we are brave enough – now is the time for us to transform the world forever. How we show up in this moment matters. 

Show Highlights:

Michelle Molitor – Executive Director, The Equity Lab

  • Why we must seed disruption
  • The link between personal and organizational and societal transformation
  • The importance of decolonizing our spaces and creating equity of voice in every space
  • We need to slow down and create space to grieve
  • How allowing ourselves to grieve creates the possibility for connection with others


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Why Everyone Loses When We Don’t Talk About Race and Equity: Q&A with Michelle Molitor