The wildfires that are devastating the West Coast are all the evidence we need that we cannot continue as we have been. Ecosystems cannot recover on their own without human beings seriously changing course. Listen in as Kas Guillozet, Program Director of the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, shares her inner thoughts and her life’s work with Becky and together they explore how complex it can be to strive to live in ‘right relationship’ with people and the earth.

Kathleen (Kas) Guillozet, PhD – Watershed Program, Senior Director, Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Show Highlights:

  • The intersection of trauma and harm to the environment
  • The history of racism and sexism within the environmental field
  • Being in right relationship
  • When do you need to be willing to fight?
  • Beyond the Green New Deal, the many ways we can support initiatives
  • Avoiding overly simplistic solutions and virtue signaling by embracing complexity
  • How “Promise the Pod” just might save Southern Resident Orca Whales from extinction


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