As we grow older and our ability to live independently diminishes, we may find ourselves contemplating an assisted living facility or a nursing home. The thought of giving up your home, where all your memories live, can be heartbreaking. What if we could make it easier for people to grow old in their homes? Enter PACE (Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly). PACE currently helps almost 55,000 older Americans stay in their homes by bringing the care to them. They have ambitions to grow to 200,000 clients by 2028 and their services couldn’t be more timely as during COVID their mortality rates are half those of nursing homes. Listen in on Becky’s conversation with Peter Fitzgerald, Executive Vice President of Police and Strategy for PACE, as they discuss the challenges of expanding something that’s already working pretty good.

Peter Fitzgerald, EVP Policy and Strategy, National PACE Association

Show Highlights:

  • What’s the “just right” amount of expansion so that you don’t overwhelm people? 
  • How PACE originated their program model with the Chinese community in San Francisco
  • How the UK’s adult day care model also informed PACE’s development
  • The importance of interdisciplinary teams in delivering care