Listen in on this episode for an insightful and deeply personal conversation about why equity is a verb with our friend, Dr. Christine Ortiz, Founder of Equity Meets Design. Christine invites us to get curious about the ways philanthropy and the nonprofit sector can be overly focused on spreading solutions at the expense of actually solving problems. We at the Billions Institute are proud to be partnering with her and Equity Meets Design on a new course called Solutions Worth Scaling

Show Highlights:

  • Racism and equity are products of design and thus can be redesigned
  • The difference between Capital D Designers and lower case d designers and why the little d counts!
  • Why process is everything
  • Christine’s adventures as a serial entrepreneur and how the most important thing she learned at Harvard was not in the classroom  
  • The pros and cons of working with the philanthropic sector
  • The problem with jumping to solutions
  • What it means to embody equity